Why choose a feline-only clinic?

From the way the clinic is designed to the way we approach and handle our patients, we are dedicated to making your cat as happy and comfortable as possible.

Our veterinarians and staff have chosen to specialize in feline medicine and care. We work here because we love cats! All our continuing education is focused on feline health topics. Both you and your cat will benefit from a group of people who are experts on the unique needs of the feline species.

Our clinic was designed with the cat in mind. The building and all our equipment, medicines, and supplies are tailored specifically for felines — and we were the first veterinary hospital in Oklahoma to be recognized by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a certified Cat Friendly Practice.

Finally, here at The Cat Clinic, your cat will not encounter the smells and sounds of strange dogs, making a trip to our hospital considerably less stressful for both of you.

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Tips for Making Your Visit Easier

Selecting a Carrier Cat Carrier Training: Part 1 (video)
Cats & Carriers: Friends Not Foes (video) Cat Carrier Training: Part 2 (video)
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