Things to consider when choosing a pet tracker device


Pet Trackers have different features and it will depend on your preference. If you’re planning to start tracking your pet, her activities or movements, there are certain things you want to check:

  • Battery life- how long will the battery last when using the tracker. Some trackers can last for 7 days to months with full charge depending on its features.
  • Technology- will it use Wi-Fi or GPS technology.
  • Real time update- how long will it be updating your pet movement? Is it live updating? The data that comes through should be as fresh and up-to-the-minute as possible.
  • Subscription- will the tracker you buy, will it need subscription fees.
  • Compatible- is your phone compatible or will it require sim integration.
  • Range -The estimated range depends on your surroundings, how far the tracking device can survey in clear area or with a blockage.
  • Obstruction- can the tracker be used in hilly places or only in clear view with no obstruction.


Many pet trackers use GPS or WIFI technology to monitor your pets’ movements, often connecting and syncing wirelessly with a computer or mobile device to store data about her/his day-to-day activities.
Other trackers keep your cat in shape and the activity monitor ensures your feline friend is safe even when you are out for a walk with her. If your cat loves being outside, runs like the wind, and is always craftily looking for a way to sneak out the flap a tracker is its best companion and will give you peace of mind as you go about your business.
A good trackers will send email notifications when your pet leaves their safe place, before they get too far away. You are able to geo-fence with Wi-Fi network for your pet safe places.
The tracker should also be lightweight, to be easy to attach to your cat collar like Loc8tor Tabcat Wireless Cat Tracker which is among our best, it is small, light and splash proof among its’ numerous features. It tracks your pet on the move and you can see then in the map from your phone. Works through doors and window and can pinpoint your cat if it is within clear range of 122metres. No worries when your cat decided to explore the garden without your knowledge.
When comparing trackers also check total usage cost, affordability and your budget should come into play. Some trackers have subscription hence know beforehand.
Do not be worried anymore of your cat safety and whereabouts, get a tracker that is easy to use and with an app you can monitor through your phone or laptop/tablet, good news some can be used even across the world.
GPS tracking has become very common nowadays with advanced technology, and can track pets and anything else you might think of. Different trackers have specific function and can fit your different needs depending on it’s’ use.
Keep your feline friend safe with a tracker, a lot of research has been done by Buskerscat to assist you choose among our very best in the market.